Wednesday, December 2, 2015


This next onsite painting with the Urban Sketchers was in a flower shop in Kitsilano called Aria. The place looked nice from pictures off the the internet. I actually almost didn't make it that day. However, when the sun is out, it would be a shame not to partake in the outdoors and sunshine.
I arrived a bit late and met Jason and Michelle, the owners of the place. They were very congenial and gave me a quick tour of the place. They had chairs around the room for us to be sit on when sketching, a tea station and a platter of biscuits and chips. The reception was very warm and the energy in the room was flowing.
I asked about a few flowers that say "Vancouver" and Elantra, from one table away was kind enough to stop what she was doing to show me the flowers. She was one of the flower experts in the shop. After a brief chat, she offered to arrange those flowers that I asked about. She did such a fantastic job with the flower arrangement, this had to be in the center of my painting. They are Sunflowers, Calla Lilies and Snap Dragons.
I had an idea of how I wanted to compose the painting. It was a matter of mentally choosing the type of flowers, the length of the plants, size of pot, trying to "see" how the colors would match up beside each other in my head. I took pictures while I was doing the exercise and when I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, I started sketching. When I was done, I had only about 15 minutes left to partially paint the center piece 
I deliberately stayed away from any Christmas themed flowers and went with the ones that can represent the shop in any season. I wanted to capture the personality of the place by just the flowers alone, with an exception of a teddy bear for added interest because how can you give flowers without them? From the left: Teddy Bears holding 3 pink roses, Bromeliad, Antherium, the Center Piece, Moth Orchids, Spineless Cactii with Ilex Berries, succulent.


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