Saturday, December 5, 2015


Somewhere in Vancouver, on a Friday night, a "Hang Up" party was happening. 

Backtrack to a week ago, we were invited by our buyer and friend, Lea, to her home for what she called a Hang up" party. It's a small gathering of friends, snacks provided, for the unveiling of the painting that we did live in 80 minutes, at the Battle of the Brushes competition in November. I was pleasantly surprised to know how she created an entire event just to welcome the painting in her home. I was more than happy to come by and see it all unfold.
On the night of the party, upon my arrival, this long brown fabric draped over the painting was in the center of the living room. I brought with me an envelop with an original Certificate of Authenticity and colored print of the "behind the scenes" chronicle of the painting.
We had the chance to tell our story to everyone, how the idea started, the revisions and versions that it evolved into, how my painting partner and I started working together, our journey from joining this competition being handicapped from having totally different styles , and never having tried painting in acrylics.
The "behind the scenes" chronicles was passed around the room and it was just a privilege as an artist to see and witness the moment when your art is seen in this regard, hearing the response and interacting with the people. 
I was so glad to be part of this reception. She added that the painting will help warm up the place and get them through the cold winter season. 
 Here's a 15 second video I made of the unveiling.

If this one painting can make two people smile, why not make another one? A bigger one, but this time, getting more people, the people of Vancouver involved in the making of the painting.


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