Sunday, March 20, 2016


A Beautiful Home in the Forest - SOLD! I am happy to say that its new home is now in New Zealand. (It got there before I ever would!) A new chapter has unfolded in the life of this painting and its story will continue to be told in the words of somebody else. It was one of my favourite pieces but I am not sad it has left my hands. Its message can now be seen and heard by more people. I bid you farewell my precious painting and Kia Ora New Zealand!

Monday, March 14, 2016


This painting was commissioned for my dear friend Brenda whom I met on my trip to the El Camino de Santiago.

This picture was my first day on the Camino and Brenda was among the first group of people I had met on my journey.
It was a secret birthday gift instigated by Wendy, involving Brenda's husband in Saskatchewan and her sister, Dee, as the accomplice, denying all knowledge of this in the making until right after the moment of revelation. 

This was when we all reunited for one night in Vancouver. It was a small get together of friends on the Camino. They were the only three I knew at the party but it was as if I knew everybody else. The spirit of the journey was still in each of us.
The figures in the painting are part of an installation found on top of a hill on the Camino called Mt. Forgiveness. This was a memorable spot for Brenda so I thought it would be even more meaningful to her if I painted her in it. The second figure you see in this painting is Brenda. 
Inscribed on the actual sculpture that this painting was based on reads: "Donde se cruza el camino del viento con el de las estrellas": Where the paths of the wind and stars meet. I am turly honored to have been given the chance to paint this for her. Wendy, Dee, Brenda and I had been brought together again for one night only, creating another special occasion, another lasting memory, all because we took a long walk together some time ago, somewhere north of Spain.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


MY HOME is our acknowledgement to the city we live in. YOUR HOME is our acknowledgement of the animals living with us. There are other characteristics of the city represented in this painting. Another one would be the colors I had carefully selected: Blues, Purple, Browns and Green...because we get rained on 3/4 of the year. Can you guess what else says "Vancouver" in this painting?

Saturday, March 5, 2016


Third section done! This section introduces more detail balanced with spaces of simplicity for the eyes to rest. Brushstrokes vary from straight hard edges of the buildings, curved edges of the rocks, random suggestions for foliage, and finally a smooth gradient wash for the water.

Second section done! I felt that something in this section could use a bit more interest. Can you spot the change I made to this version vs the original sketch?
                   First section done! Do you see the big letter hidden in the painted section?
Next project in the making is going to be a big one: 19"x27" in watercolor. This is the sketch of the composition: A collage of scenes with mini-stories hidden within. A huge undertaking as lots of planning and preparation is involved to control the pigment and water. My workflow usually starts out very technical: Measuring, adjusting, testing and finessing but when it's time to put brush to paper, I am 5 steps ahead in my head but I am also ready to go with the flow.

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