Thursday, April 30, 2015


"Three little birds right by your doorstep"...I found a reference photo of three birds on a branch on the internet and thought I could add a 4th one to tell a story. I wonder what birds would think of, if an Angry Bird happened to be in front of them. I pulled an all nighter for this piece. It took me about 4-5 hours to complete from initial sketch to final touches.

This was the first color study I did after. Testing colors to see how they would look like together as well as the lights and darks. The background seemed to light for me and the different colored birds just wasn't working.

 This was the second color study. I changed the source of light to come from screen right shining from above and I kept the birds more neutral in color.
A color study I did of just the bird. I wanted to see what a "halo" effect would look like around the bird.

This is the final piece that I scanned and brought into Photoshop to add the text. This was used in a poster to promote a watercolor workshop that I facilitated.


Monday, April 20, 2015


This was done at a life painting session at the Basic Inquiry Life Drawing Studio and Gallery. Japanese Flute Player Imi Oto graced us with her presence and flute playing as she modeled for 3 hours. I thoroughly enjoyed her mini-concert and seeing the many accoutrements that made up her full attire. One song that stood out was her rendition of Across The Universe by the was the perfect zen moment to be in. She has traveled to many countries playing at wedding receptions and many other social gatherings. Thanks to Alain Maurice Boullard for bringing together music-and-art-in-action all in one space.

Here is Imi and the Japanese flute she played with. I was flattered that she chose and posed with my painting for the picture taking after the entire session was over. 

She carefully and neatly packed her costume. I didn't realize there were a few layers of clothing underneath. It just looked like one kimono from the outside. I was in awe by the intricate design and patterns of the
individual pieces. I sent her a copy of the painting after. hope to one day include this painting in an exhibit!

Sunday, April 12, 2015


 Who would’ve thought of painting rocks for the 2015 Cherry
 Blossom Festival  Plein Air Competition at the VanDusen 
Botanical Garden?  It was my first ever competition and I placed 3rd!

 I also finally got to meet BC's very own Plen Air Watercolor Artist
 Alfonso L. Tejada who was full of energy and larger than life.
 I was so glad the sun came out when forecast said it wouldn't. 
The spot I chose was secluded except for 2 ducks that kept 
me company. I would've painted them in if I had the time, but
 maybe next time when they have their own festival. I did get to
 meet a lot of people who came by to say hi while I painted.
 They were very encouraging and enthusiastic which helps when
 painting in public.

 Almost finished. This picture reminds me of two people I had met that 
day. A father (and daughter) that came back  again  to see how I was 
progressing. He was very kind  and cheered me on. They both stayed 
until the very end of the competition after which he personally congra-
tulated me. A Russian boy, Ivan, came up to me as well. I noticed him 
sitting on a bench behind me for quite some time. He later on told me 
that he had done some Plein Air painting in school back in Moscow 
and felt  intimidated when people approached him which is  why he 
kept his distance and only came closer when I was done.

Signed, framed and hung. 
I call this Cherry Blossoms In the Air. 

The sound of trickling streams of water was enough to stop 
me in my tracks. There was no thinking twice when i saw 
the light and shadows that played on the rocks and foliage. 
The 3.5 hours flew by too quickly and as the painting was 
coming to an end, i decided to commemorate the festival 
by giving the viewer a little surprise at the top of the waterfall. 

Cherry Blossom flowers floating in the light:
Follow them and you will find Spring in Vancouver.

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