Saturday, March 5, 2016


Third section done! This section introduces more detail balanced with spaces of simplicity for the eyes to rest. Brushstrokes vary from straight hard edges of the buildings, curved edges of the rocks, random suggestions for foliage, and finally a smooth gradient wash for the water.

Second section done! I felt that something in this section could use a bit more interest. Can you spot the change I made to this version vs the original sketch?
                   First section done! Do you see the big letter hidden in the painted section?
Next project in the making is going to be a big one: 19"x27" in watercolor. This is the sketch of the composition: A collage of scenes with mini-stories hidden within. A huge undertaking as lots of planning and preparation is involved to control the pigment and water. My workflow usually starts out very technical: Measuring, adjusting, testing and finessing but when it's time to put brush to paper, I am 5 steps ahead in my head but I am also ready to go with the flow.


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