Sunday, November 22, 2015


SOLD! Ten characters all in all were painted. The sky and the clouds too had to have their own personalities. We offered to touch it up for its proud new owners to make this 80 minute on the spot painting worthy of hanging in a home. 
This cupcake represents the slices of life: Life ain't a piece of cake (wrapper), sometimes you're on the rise (cake), other times you just gotta step it up and give it a whirl (whipped frosting) But at the end of the day, it helps to remind ourselves that we are making a life, in this place which we call, home. (the cherry on top) 
 ANIME-ted thoughts of Vancouver: Touch ups done on the 80 minute live competition done for its proud new owner, Lea! The theme: ANIME. Here's a close up of another character: Sue-shi!
This orange kitten, Furnando, represents all the feline friends living in Vancouver. There are lots of cat lovers here, so much so to even warrant the very first ever cat cafe in the city. A purrfect way to spend an afternoon with some freshly brewed java juice and a mid-day catnap
Everyday as I step out of the door, I see trees everywhere. In fact, I take a shortcut through the woods on my way to work. Douglas, is a tree that represents nature in all its abundance in Vancouver. With him are two tree saplings, a bird's nest and 3 eggs.
The Vancouver sun peeks from behind two other characters, almost teasingly playing hide and go seek much like how it does during the fall and early winter seasons.
Timbit, is a tribute to Timmy Hos. It became "policy" in the workplace that whoever shows up 20 minutes late will have to bring in a box of doughnuts for the team. Mornings become just a little better having your fill of these doughy sweet rolls.
 The HEART is where all our THOUGHTS of Vancouver (characters) flowed out of and EXPLODED into the painting. It totaled 10 characters altogether. There were more characters we wanted to include but quality must come first, especially when time is of the essence.


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