Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I just recently concluded a workshop at the Vancouver Fine Art Atelier as a guest instructor. I had such a great time teaching at the studio. I was given the creative freedom to come up with a program in my own style and pace.

Color and color mixing is usually very intimidating. The common pitfalls that I was asked was how to avoid getting "mud" when mixing, how to make it more vibrant or less intense, how to darken or lighten and how to know what colors to use that "look good.

In this picture, the student uses a black and white sketch and the display as she lays down her first wash of color.

The apple is slowly coming to life as she carefully adds more layers, describing the shape, texture and curvature of the fruit in space.

The ceramic jug is now completed. A very good question that was asked was: "How do I paint it if it's just white?

A before and after, showing how Nette painted before any instructions were given and how different it looked after some guidance.

It was very fulfilling to have taught and seen how quickly she progressed in such a short time. It only took her 4 Saturdays for her to get to this point.

"The workshop stood out for me because you explained how and why so well, and your open mind - you allowed me to try out my ideas without shooting them down. I really did enjoy our lessons, and the hubby was suitably impressed. Hehe. He said I jumped from kindergarten to high school in the space of a few lessons."


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