Saturday, December 20, 2014


This is a painting I did during a recent watercolor workshop I attended. This was my second attempt painting the same picture, trying to understand how color behaves in water. From washes to creating texture, I took notes and mostly observed what the instructor was doing in class (even if I brought all my materials) and then continued to paint at home. I took liberties at using different splashes of warm and cool colors departing from the stoic cold gray of the reference photo. The other two I uploaded were not part of the workshop, but I thought of doing a black and white sketch first to come up with different interpretations of light and shadows. After selecting the best one, I did a small color study (palm size) before doing the bigger piece. I learned from the first attempt, that preparation is key. Someone once said that watercolors is much like living your life forward and understanding it backward. You do it and then you say I shouldn't have done that, and it's too late. It can't happen again.


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