Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Holy Post itz Batman! This greeted me as I came back to work from a 4 day holiday. Our resident prankster Jordan has once again had too much time on his hands! I sat on my un-posted-it chair looking and observing the meticulous work laid out like overlapping colored paper bricks. Unbelievable. Everything was tiled from the cpu, phone, mug, mousepad, even the narrow tops of the monitors were covered by half vertically torn post its. The 2 botttom drawers were taped together as I later on discovered. Good grief. It also came with a disclaimer and a note that justified the use of post its! Nice. Well played. It felt more like a treat than a prank. A cool work of art at the start of the day. Amazing. I felt kinda bad having to destroy it all by taking it apart so I decided to slowly lift off portions of it until the end of the week. If anyone needs post its, don't ask. Just take 'em!


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