Saturday, September 13, 2014


                      Where did the 3 hours go? Traditional Life drawing @ New Westminster. The venue provided easels and I felt like an amateur, clipping my dinky little tear away pad on the easel board while others brought their huge newsprints to draw on. Once I started to draw though, I couldn't care any less. This particular session was different from the others that I attended since the longest pose was only 20 minutes short. I see how being present in that kind of environment can affect your drawing as opposed to a much longer pose or even doing this at home, copying off a picture. I felt very tense under time pressure, trying to capture the essence of the pose as quickly as I could. It felt like I was transferring that energetic, intense pace into the art. When it was all drawn and done, that was the only time the tension melted away, leaving me exhausted, stretched beyond my comfort zone BUT feeling like I achieved something today. (and exceeded my drawing quota for the week!)


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