Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I had pretty much been given free-reign on creating this piece so I had a blast with this one! This is an 9x11, landscape portrait. This time I used a combination of charcoal and graphite. I like how this looks and how the two mediums go pretty well together.

Because I didn't have high-res pictures, I had to make do with these small photos. I used three reference photos, taking the sock-hat from one, the pose, shirt and lighting information from others.

This is the quick thumbnail I did. This gave me a rough idea of what the final piece will look like. Changes and adjustments may still happen to bring the piece closer to the person's likeness, so I thought I'd throw in a shoulder tattoo of a flying heart with MOM around it. I had originally intended to have his target weight indicated instead but didn't know what it was. Nevertheless, I think it's a cool tat for several reasons: 1) Everybody loves their moms and he seems to be really close with his 2) No one gives a hard-core body-builder a hard time for his heart shaped tattoo 3) To quote the guy, he once said and I paraphrase: It's not about the car you drive but the size of the arm hangin out the window.


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