Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happiness is anything that is loved by you
This is my tribute to Chiquita, my 7 year old-mini Daschund who lost her battle to ovarian cancer on December 17, 2010.The stuff she's chasing are actually all her favorite things while she was still with me. I'd like to remember her this way, a happy pup, running about in dog heaven.

My last assignment was about colorizing from a rough sketch provided. For this last piece, I tried to incorporate bits of what I had learned from the previous lessons. I'm pretty satisfied with this. It's an awesome course, I learned so much more than I did in a year's time back in school, but learning never stops. Keep on movin! I plan to join sketch competitions and knock out some of my own for critiquing while I save up and take on another course in

This lesson was about Vectors. I shunned the idea of it since vectors can have a mind of their own. Bobby clearly explained how to tame this tiger of a technique and now it's as easy as 123.

This was about painting hair without pulling out your own in the process.

This lesson was about smudging to create a much smoother transition yet still retaining a painterly feel to your finished piece.

This was about adding texture to your existing painting. It's a series of adjusting and blending, but it gives another level of depth to your starting piece.

This lesson was about painting with customized brushes to make your digital art work seem like it was done traditionally. Great technique and process!

This lesson was about colorizing from black and white.

This first lesson was about visualizing from darkness. You must have a good stock knowledge of shapes and form, otherwise nothing will come out of a black piece of canvas.

An attempt to paint a scantily clad woman


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